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Our services

Graphic design

We have a great love for design. Our passion is to make designs that work in harmony.

Web design

In web design we aim to be thinking outside the box. Everything is possible on a screen. Millions of colors, transparency, additional layers and the possibilities of movement and sound.

Creating logos for clients is more complicated than sending a jpg file. As a service, Kreagraphy develops a logo file folder for free in different formats.
Online marketing
Kreagraphy offers online marketing services to enhance business visibility online.
Promotional material
We design and produce promotional materials to advertise brands effectively.
Social Profile Photo

We provide professional social media profile photo services for individuals/businesses.

Photo Fantasy
As a service, We Provide fairy tale photos, dream photography and fantasy art photos.
Stock photo
Kreagraphy offers a vast collection of high-quality stock photos for various purposes.
Event photo
We provide excellent event photography services for capturing unforgettable moments.

Plan of action


    We investigate and discover the problem or problems that we have to solve, we also look for the best way to communicate. At this time we quote without obligation.


    Kneading is essential to develop the gluten and give the pasta its texture and structure.


    We align the team with the development of the work and capture the first ideas. We also value the priorities for commissioning the construction of the design.


    We deliver the final design product


    We offer support to our product, we not only deliver it, we also take care that it fulfills its purpose.


    We advise our clients on how their marketing and advertising resources are doing and how they can be improved.